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"Unicorn Dreams" The bed that dogs and cats dream of.

"Unicorn Dreams" The bed that dogs and cats dream of.

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¡We find your pet's best friend!

It is a magical creature and it looks like a unicorn.

You will also believe in magical creatures when you hold the softest edition of our sofa in your hands, our Unicorn Dreams features an outer cover of dense plush short thread, which gives it fantastic softness. Its filling provides a stable and durable shape.
Worrying about cleaning is a thing of the past, it has a completely removable cover, which will allow you to take it to the washing machine (we recommend a gentle cycle).
Its colors and softness are a journey of fantasy.
Limited units.


 Product Information:

·Colors: Rainbow.

·Material: Plush.

·Dimensions:        Width        Height

          S                 45cm         28cm

         M                 55cm         35cm

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