Our history



 Long-haired man with a cat in his arms



MISK·MUSK was born with a clear objective, which is to provide each of our faithful friends with a complete and unparalleled earthly experience. The responsibility of having your pet goes beyond what you can imagine.



This is why we are committed to offering you a simple shopping experience with the best products for your faithful companion. On our site you will not only find a shopping opportunity, you will also have a community to share, learn and discuss the necessary topics (and those that are not) of our pets, come be part of the Misk·Musk family .



Our team will maintain a constant search to bring products and accessories that will make the daily tasks involved in caring for our pets more entertaining and effective. Products made mostly of recycled materials and/or that these can be recycled at the end of their useful life.



Our contact channels will be enabled so do not hesitate to write to us.



Daniel Gallego V.

CEO Misk·Musk Pets.