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Practical pet bowls "Ceramic Twins"

Practical pet bowls "Ceramic Twins"

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Do you have in mind to improve your pet's eating habits?

Today you have in your hands the option to improve their eating habit and consider the materiality and height that play an important role if we talk about digestion.

With our Ceramic twins you will have the versatility of a ceramic container that resists wet and dry foods as well as liquid substances, its base raises the containers above ground level, it also gives them an 15º angle for greater comfort when eating.

Improve the way they eat now.

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Product Information:

·Material: Ceramic


·Dimensions:      Width      Depth      Height

         Cm              26.5          12.5          9.5




·Colors:    Base      Bowls.

             -Golden     Green

             -Black        Black

             -Rose         Gold

             -Black        Pink

             -Golden     White

             -Black        White

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