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Ping-pong 360º for cats "Colorful Pyramid"

Ping-pong 360º for cats "Colorful Pyramid"

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Wondering how to encourage your cat to move a little more?

Having pets at home puts us in the task of making them move and we know that it is not an easy task, if you are from the #cats team this solution is for you.

Our Ping Pong for cats has 3 levels and each of them has a rail where the spheres circulate in 360º , at the top it closes with a 3D helix that rotates on its own axis offering another alternative of movement and at its top it is culminated with a fun feather.


Don't wait any longer, order it now.

It's your cat's favorite toy!




Product Information:

·Colors: Ripe orange, Safari green.

·Material: PP TPR.

·Dimensions:     Height       Diameter

         Cm                28               38

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