La responsabilidad del cuidado.

The responsibility of care.

The mere fact of knowing that you have a responsibility in your charge can be overwhelming, and it can happen to you whether you are a teenager or an experienced adult, but that is not the worst part, 😸 the feeling disappears later, when you take your desire and turn it into concrete actions, actions that make a difference, giving your all, without giving up and regardless of the difficult situations, always facing each challenge with the best attitude.

Your last option will be to throw in the towel, because here you are not only working for yourself, but also for those who wait for you every day, regardless of the weather, regardless of the time of your arrival or your mood (which always manages to improve). furry (or bald) friend will always be there waiting for you to move his tail or his ears and make you feel at home.

Your actions are well rewarded when we see how our faithful friend reciprocates and thanks us for every gesture, every gift, every caress, every walk and every bath you give him, (visits to the vet not so much 🙃 ) so don't stop doing it, Go ahead and take care of your faithful friend like no one else would.

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