El inicio de la historia de amor más puro.

The beginning of the purest love story.

If we talk about love we could feel butterflies in our stomach , have a memory of childhood love, or the love we feel for our first pet.
Love can be expressed in a thousand ways and each of them is valid if you do it with sincerity and without condition.
On many occasions , love transcends the language barrier and this applies to all living beings.
If we pay more attention to the details and learn to feel beyond what we are normally taught, we will know how to connect in a deeper way, where we transcend physical barriers and everything becomes a feeling, which allows us a pure connection, where no Words matter, with a single gesture you can communicate effectively.
Real connections are a luxury that few of us can afford, a connection that allows you to love without condition.
If you currently have the joy of having a pet that has eyes and a nose just for you, do not doubt the quality of its love, love it and respect its life.
In our hearts we will have engraved the name of that faithful friend who knew how to love us without condition or the furry friend who is currently driving you crazy at home 🤭 it will be an eternal love.
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